Get it Right and get full potential with our full range of Property advice and services with all manner of property issues. Some will include identifying the service need and others that will include multi- service approach. Our Uni-trial consultation capability helps our clients establish the precise client needs which we tailor to a clients’ need.

Market Feasibility
With NIL’s specialized real estate research and professional staff, our main product consists of market feasibility studies for developers, lenders, government agencies and competitors.More of our market feasibility services include Rental housing/ senior housing/ other residential (single family condominium / down town housing). Other commercial focus; Lodging (Hotel / Motel / Resort), Retail Town center/ life style center, Office, Recreational Center, Other studies on this include;

Market Consultancy
we provide market consultancy for any market related commercial real estate contingency to help provide our client with the best return on investment.

Real Estate Data
Individual property information, including unit mix, rent, vacancy levels, available as case by case basis. Conclusion is based on an evaluation of the supply/ demand relationship within the area served by down town and uptown market. This supply is identified through a 100% field survey of the market.

Consumer Research
As realtors, we help our clients uncover trends and insights around property market research and media usage among real estate shoppers, whether you are looking for an existing commercial real estate, residential real estate. Together, individual research results tell a cohesive story about today’s connected real estate shopper. Highlights on this will include;
• How a local real estate shopper looks for material.
• What real estate buyers consider when buying real estate.
• What satisfaction real estate buyers need
• The role of age and gender in driving real estate decisions both on and offline.

Community Planning
We help our clients to understand and plan the kind of community to develop and such communities range from.

Mixed- use community development
These are neighborhood designs that are used as photo types for today’s mixed-use developments and are extremely diverse and ranging from a composition of elements such as retail outlets, civil buildings, churches, such will usually affect the spirit of the community and a variety of types and prices serve to solidify the diversity that is an inherent of the mixed use environment. The larger composition can largely by market conditions and local demand and can be defined as New Urban.

A range of products under community planning can be; Traditional neighborhood development, Retirement community, Destination resort community, Residential Sub division, Planned community, Age restricted retirement community, Adult community,Co-housing, Green communities and Continuing care retirement Community.

Performance Improvement
Any individual/ organization’s real estate portfolio is seen as a strategic asset and if managers actively and effectively add significant value to an organizations overall performance. With this position, NIL as recognized in the country with one of the largest real estate portfolios in Uganda, we provides extensible business agility to rapidly configure and reconfigure a customer’s needs with its outstanding network of consultants, partners, industry experts, which directs performance improvement.

In this drive to improve performance, we direct focus in delivery of real estate life cycle management services through Construction management, facilities management and financial management which are key solutions in improvement of real estate’s operations and performance.

Other fields we focus on are; Operation performance, Financial performance, Environmental performance, Competitors’ performance and Involvement of quotations at design level will help make performance better.
Our model of involvement from project management/ construction management helps planning, transaction management and real estate contract administration functions profitable to the developer with reduced costs, increase flexibility and revenues.

Demand model by life-stage
Litigation support : Our services stretch into adversarial proceedings which include trials before judges and juries as well as alternative disputes outside the court room. In all instances our goal is always to provide the best, most effective service for our clients who include developers, contractors, real estate partnerships, joint ventures, commercial land lords, tenants and property owners. With NIL, you are assured of efficient and effective resolution to real estate disputes.

These consultancy services give solution to matters that include; Boundary disputes, Condemnation, Construction litigation, Easement and encroachments, Land use and development and Land Lord/Tenant.

Business plan/ Strategy development, Loan workouts/ restructuring, Residential / Commercial and Retail analysis, Urban residential and mixed use / redevelopment