Construction Management

NIL offers construction management services that shall include but are not limited to; planning, costing, contracting and general supervision.

During construction, NIL will be fully involved on site by advising the client on Risk Management, Organization Management, Communication and Logistics, Quality Assurance, Environment and Safety Management, Financial Management and Legal Aspects.

Risk Management: This will be done by drawing up a risk management plan which shall be in place throughout the entire project.

Organization Management: NIL will offer advice on staffing by hiring Project Managers and Construction Mangers

Communication and Logistics: NIL will ensure that the site is always equipped with proper documentation like Drawings, Specifications, Bills of quantities but shall also ensure that there is constant flow of logistical supplies.

Quality Assurance: NIL will ensure that there is a proper quality assurance plan and system throughout the project cycle.

Environment and Safety Management: NIL will provide Health and safety Plan that shall be used throughout the Project period.

Financial Management: NIL shall advise on best financial management principles and ensure that there is Value for Money throughout the project

Legal Aspects: This stem right from the tendering stage to the actual implementation and Hand over. NIL shall advise and take into account the Legal aspects involved. NIL offers internship training to interns in the different fields of building construction, electrical and plumbing.