Our Services

“Real Estate is an imperishable asset, Ever Increasing in Value.”

The company focuses on the services here below to ensure a maximum return to its clients.

• Property Management. Having a collaborated team if expertise we are well qualified to add value to your properties in any or all of these key areas; letting, Environmental considerations, Planning approvals, Architectural approach, and style, Product mix, target market, Pricing structure, Marketing strategy, Executing of marketing and advertising programs and Choice of management.

• Facilities Management. We shall provide through facilities management to your property and ensure your asset/s give you a return on your investment. We offer proper administration of the buildings and go the extra mile to ensure tenant satisfaction by creating a homely and safe environment.

• Transaction Advisory. We provide technical and professional Real Estate advise. This includes; Site Acquisitions, Architectural plans, Coordination, Identification of Equity partners etc.

• Construction Management. Namulondo will offer construction management services that include: Planning, Costing, Contracting, and General Supervision. During construction, Namulondo is fully involved on-site by advising the client on Risk Management, Organization Management, Communication & Logistics, Quality Assurance, Environmental and Safety Management, Financial Management, and Legal Aspects.

• Real Estate Consultancy. Namulondo focuses on profitable Real Estate Management, innovation in Real Estate Quality, Tenant Retention, Portfolio growth, Value addition and a motivated Human Resource.

• Property Valuation. We ascertain the value of your properties for purposes of purchase, mortgage, compensation, sell of properties, and update of financial records by providing timely, accurate, and professional valuations for a wide range of purposes.

• Agency. We act as your trusted agency for the management and sell of your properties.